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Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy my creations and will always welcome your comments.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well we're over the Christmas holidays and on to Valentines Day and this is a mini that I made for my sister who was here visiting from SF. I intended to show her how I make a small simple album and as usual, I went a little further.  This is a "Stack the deck" album and I used the turorial from Laura of "Follow the paper Trail" on You Tube.  This is really my favorite method of making albums so far and it is so easy to make the basic book but  the embellishments and extras are another matter.  My sister says that she will be putting pictures of our Grandmother and Great Grandmothers along with other nostalgic photos in this album and I can't wait to she how she completes it. 

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  1. What a gorgeous album! Dee must be over the moon! A masterpiece to be cherished for many years by our dear sister. One day soon you and I need to get together and work on some albums together. I would love to learn some of your tricks and techniques. :)